1. What services Remox offer?
  • Remox offers Sale and Purchase of Foreign Currency Services.
  • Remox offers SWIFT transfers to international bank accounts across the world for domestic and trade purposes.

2. Commission or fees charged for exchange of fees.
No Commissions Or Fees Charged For Foreign Currency Exchange.

3. To what all countries bank transfer can be done.
We can effect Swift Transfers to almost all countries in the world except those countries under economic sanctions under UN Resolutions, these countries list change time to time. However, we may be able to do some country transactions in major international currencies only. If you want to know about a specific country or currency, please call us at 07-33574172 or drop us an email at services@remox.com.au.

4. What is the information required for bank transfers?


5. What do I need to avail any of Remox Services?
Remox staff have an obligation to verify the identity of any customer who avail its services, we call it as KYC or Know Your Customer, we need a valid Identification Document to complete this, an Australian Drivers Licence is a perfect example of a complete valid ID, a valid complete ID must possess the following:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Photograph
  • Issue and Expiry Date
  • Sample Signature
  • ID Number
  • Should have been issued by a government or its direct agency.

We are allowed to complete the whole lot of the above details with one primary as well as one or more secondary documents. For example an Australian Passport will have every feature except a current address; this can be fulfilled
with a presentation of your passport and a bank statement or a utility bill with an addressing matching with your name.
Based on our Risk based approach, we may ask for other details like source of income, salary slip and any other details to satisfy our due diligence processes.

7. Is there any limit in buying or selling of foreign currencies?
No limit in buying or selling the currency, we may require proof of income and other details based on the risk that transaction may pose.

8. In how many days can a receiver receive the money into his bank account when a bank transfersdone?
Usually it takes 2-4 business days.

9. Can a customer do an online transaction once registered at the branch by him/her self.
We have a commitment to law enforcing agencies to identify our customers and perform on going due diligence. We need to perform KYC in person for any of our on line customers to start doing secured on line transactions using our web site. This means you may have to walk in to our one of our locations or we should have met you in one of our mobile customer registration campaigns in your city.

10. What happens if any of the detail given to you is wrong?
We expect you to verify all the details given to us to perform your transfer instruction. If it happens to be wrong, this may end up crediting unexpected beneficiaries, since some countries use electronic systems to perform the credits without human interference. This means they may not cross match the names with the numbers.

However, we will do the maximum possible interaction to rectify the situation within the communication pipeline, this may be time consuming and costly in terms of charges and reverse conversion rates, these we will charge back to you.

11. Do you buy traveler cheque (TC)?
No, we don’t buy traveler cheques

12. Is there any limit in remittances (bank transfers)?
There is no limit in remittances (BANK TRANSACTION0, as long as you provide proper income statement (bank statement, withdrawal receipt, pay slip)

13. Can I request for specific denominations in foreign currency?
To fulfil our customers' expectations, we try to make the expected denominations. You can also request for the needed denomination and we can organise it 2-3 days. However it depends upon the availability.

14. Do you accept EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer)?
We do accept EFT with savings and cheque account. We charge ONE DOLLAR(1AUD) for the EFT transaction. It just one DOLLAR, No matter how much you do.